More on Words

image of a book

I often wake up tired and not excited about the day before me. I drag myself to the kitchen and start my Keurig. I ask Doug how he is doing and hope for an ‘okay.’

While the coffee is dripping into my cup, I gather up my devotion books and journals, distracting myself from my sleepiness by racing to see I can get back to the kitchen before the cup is full. I open my devotion book and, more often then not, the message is right on for lifting my spirits and reminding me of how much I have to be grateful for.

Though it’s been a while since  I decided that gratitude was the antidote to feeling sad and blue, I need to be constantly reminded. I force myself to write in my prayer journal  things I’m thankful for. Family, friends, our home, cars, jobs, abundance that allows us to enjoy not just needs but wants as well.

Soon I’m on a roll. I feel grateful for the smiles and hugs of my grandkids, FaceTime that allows me to feel close to the three who are in Denver. The smallest, Otto, is a curly headed two-year old angel. I can’t see the image of him blowing me kisses on my tiny phone screen without grinning. He tells me he’s going poop on the potty. I can witness it in the present moment. I would hate to miss that milestone because I’m six hundred miles away.

Soon I have filled a page with gratitude, and my attitude is right with the world.  Nothing has changed physically, but words read and written have renewed me. I move into the day ready to find good things along the path and energy for the struggles. Worry and fear are pushed back into proper perspective. I don’t know what would happen if I didn’t start my day this way, I’m not brave enough to try it.