Big Blessings or Small Miracles

Air plane imageI find it almost more difficult to accept blessings and even miracles – a word that is hard to write – than to accept struggles. Why me? We ask ourselves when something goes wrong. Doug taught me it’s just as valid to ask “why not me?” If I embrace that, I must ask the second question when it comes to blessings/miracles. “Why not me?”

When does a blessing achieve miracle status?  Let’s keep it simple. One definition of blessing is a divine benefit or gift. Miracle can be defined as a supernatural act of God. Sounds kind of subjective to me.  Sometimes nudges alert me to blessings and those morph into miracles – things that simply were not possible in my mind. I’ll let you make your own decision.

The day I left for my rescheduled trip to visit my daughter and her family in Colorado, things began to unravel. Doug woke up with a worse cough than he’d had recently. Gone was the good feeling I’d had about leaving him for six days. My chest hurt and I was coughing worse from a four week bout with asthma that I thought was over. I checked email and realized I hadn’t checked in for my flight on Southwest. Oh boy, I would be C – 1000 and get a middle seat at the back of the airplane. I checked in at the Southwest website and instead of getting a boarding pass, they offered only a security pass. The message said” No seat assignment. Go to the gate for your boarding pass.”

What did that mean? Is the flight overbooked? Will I be bumped and miss the flight? I printed the security pass and added that to my worry list.

I decided to call my doctor and let him know I was still coughing. Maybe he could prescribe something. The physician said to come in right away, he wanted to see me. It was after eight o’clock and I needed to leave for the airport around ten.  I was all packed, but I had several last minute duties. Thirty minutes later I was back home armed with prescriptions and instructions. His office is about ten minutes away but still, it’s hard not to call that a miracle.

I had plenty of time to complete the items on my last minute list. Doug got me to the airport right on time. I dumped my huge suitcase at the outside check-in, found out I was a pre-checked passenger and breezed through security. At the gate, I showed the attendant my non-boarding pass and said. “I was afraid you were overbooked.”

“We are, would you like to volunteer to take the next plane about four hours from now? We’ll refund the cost of your ticket and give you a voucher for that and an additional $300.” Long story short, I’ll read and write for four hours and pocket several free trips to visit Denver. I felt very blessed. There is more to this story. As they say, it ain’t over til it’s over. Tune in next week.



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