It’s His Job

barking-dogWe had our windows replaced last week. A father – son team did the work. They were polite, skillful, and I had to admire the way they treated each other. The son deferring to his father when he had a problem, and the father respecting his son’s strength for the heavy lifting.

Because of the strangers, our neighbor’s dog went crazy. His barking was incessant. I kept thinking surely he will tire of this and restore the neighborhood to peace. He didn’t, and it was becoming increasingly annoying. I was trying to work and it was nearly impossible to concentrate.

I  remarked to the younger man about how irritating the barking was.

“He’s just doing his job, protecting his home. You can’t fault him for that.” He said in a lighthearted manner.

I was impressed. The simple transformation in my attitude caused by his sunny outlook changed my annoyance to a smile.

I must remember Blessings on the Journey can come from chance meetings with  people who touch our lives for only brief moments if we open our hearts.