Blessings are Blessings Despite Setbacks

odd_sleeping_airports_4In case you didn’t read last week’s blog, I gave up my seat on a noon flight to Denver for a hefty voucher.  I agreed to take the four pm flight. The hours passed quickly, but as boarding time approached, discouraging announcements began. The plane that was to take us on our one hour and thirty minute flight was stuck somewhere else, but would be here soon. You don’t have to travel much to know that’s a reason to start getting nervous. The next announcement informed us that flight was canceled, but one coming in from Mexico would be available in about thirty minutes.  The plane needed to be cleared since it was an international flight.

Things went downhill from there. They loaded about half of us, including me, then deplaned us about thirty minutes later. After a significant delay, they put us on the plane again.  We flew to Denver and circled and circled and circled.  There were no open gates. Fuel was becoming an issue. Long story short, they flew us back to Kansas City. We deplaned and the flight was canceled. Enough with the details, they finally got us to Denver too many hours to remember after our scheduled time.  Passenger pickup was a zoo, worse than the Christmas holidays.  My long suffering son-in-law was finally able to get through the maze of people and cars to pick me up. We arrived at his house after midnight.

I wish I could report the travel nightmare ended there, but my return trip was similar. Lots of storms in the Denver area, as well as, other parts of the country made flying less efficient than driving.  Conversations with fellow passengers, including one young couple whose flight had been canceled twenty four hours before, made me feel lucky. They’d both missed a day of work. To make matters worse, she’d broken her foot and was wearing a leg brace so she could catch the canceled flight and see a doctor at home.

Though the delays stole time from my vacation and created disappointment for my waiting grandkids, inconvenience for my son-in-law and extreme strength and patience from my exhausted husband, the blessings remain. I worked hard not to let the struggles overshadow the blessings. Gratitude for the good stuff and letting go of the other will serve me best.  I need lots of practice on that.