I’m Back

After almost a two year hiatus from my blog to finish my memoir, I’m back. I pushed the key that sent my best effort to my writing coach RJ Thesman for final edit. Final edit, hmm that’s a tricky concept. I’m beginning to wonder if there is such a thing.

In the middle of questioning my decision to self-publish Locker Room Angels, I found a graphic artist willing to work within my budget. It felt like a sign. Michael Freeman did the cover art for my book. I loved his ideas. I believe Michael designed a cover that tells enough of our story in pictures to make readers want to  open the  book.

With the help of Sally Jadlow, I uploaded Locker Room Angels to Amazon as a Kindle book. My thanks to those of you who purchased it!

The paperback was another story.  Formatting with their easy instructions was not easy for me. My son, Jason, came to the rescue.

It was a big day when I received my proof copy.   What an amazing experience to see my story in book form. Proofing it was much easier than proofing a manuscript. Small needed edits stuck out like a cat at a dog show. They were easily remedied with Jason’s help.

I’m going to be more constant with my blogs and catch you up to date quickly. Progress has been made.




Decisions Decisions Decisions

crossroadsLast week’s writers conference was amazing. Not only did I get inspired and educated, but chance meetings provided answers and offered opportunities I never expected.

My friend and I were discussing whether or not we could deduct the cost of this conference and other writing related expenses, given we had not produced any revenue. A gentleman standing behind us in the lunch line overheard our dilemma and politely interrupted. He armed us with information to take to our accountants and look up on the web. I was so grateful. Facts we’d wondered about for years, were suddenly there in front of us.

That evening after the conference agenda was complete, we chatted with several published authors, aspiring authors like ourselves and, as it turned out an agent and an editor. Strangers soon became friends.  We laughed and told stories loud enough to attract more and more creative souls to our large round table. I spoke briefly with a lady I recognized from a previous conference. She was an editor for a small publishing house.

The next day, I decided to get some questions answered. I’m getting much braver about talking to the big shots at these events. One of the main purposes is networking. Not a place to be shy. The editor from last night appeared to be approachable. If she was busy, so be it. I had nothing to lose. I marched up to her and she was kind, friendly and most surprising of all, asked me to send her my manuscript – the whole thing along with a synopsis. In today’s competitive publishing world, that’s pretty rare and straightforward.  My mouth hung open and then I thanked her, asked more questions and felt like my dreams were possible.

Linda was talking to another lady who was hovering nearby while I continued to quiz the accommodating editor. As we walked away,this lady, another editor, handed me a card and said, “We’re looking for new authors too. Please send me your story.”  What? I had to pinch myself to find out if this was real.

We make a million little decisions every day, but they can land us in a completely different spot. What if I’d decided to skip this conference? What if I decided  to go home immediately after the conference rather than socializing? What if I decided it would be too intimidating to engage that editor?

I’m committed to considering my decisions with more courage, the big ones and the small ones.