I’m Back

After almost a two year hiatus from my blog to finish my memoir, I’m back. I pushed the key that sent my best effort to my writing coach RJ Thesman for final edit. Final edit, hmm that’s a tricky concept. I’m beginning to wonder if there is such a thing.

In the middle of questioning my decision to self-publish Locker Room Angels, I found a graphic artist willing to work within my budget. It felt like a sign. Michael Freeman did the cover art for my book. I loved his ideas. I believe Michael designed a cover that tells enough of our story in pictures to make readers want to  open the  book.

With the help of Sally Jadlow, I uploaded Locker Room Angels to Amazon as a Kindle book. My thanks to those of you who purchased it!

The paperback was another story.  Formatting with their easy instructions was not easy for me. My son, Jason, came to the rescue.

It was a big day when I received my proof copy.   What an amazing experience to see my story in book form. Proofing it was much easier than proofing a manuscript. Small needed edits stuck out like a cat at a dog show. They were easily remedied with Jason’s help.

I’m going to be more constant with my blogs and catch you up to date quickly. Progress has been made.




Plans – What’s the Point?

762aa4a07562dceb491177ba6b4c7c18Once my kids grew up, and I only worked part-time, I expected to have more control over my plans. I used to rage and cuss or be extremely disappointed when the day didn’t go like I intended. But lately I’ve been taking the”cure”. Health issues and lots of other things go nose to nose with me and I’m forced to back down. Sometimes it’s just exhaustion or emotional overload.

Here are some recent examples of the “cure”. I planned to attend a writing conference last weekend. My mother-in-law became ill. I was afraid we’d lose her. Doug felt stressed and exhausted. I just couldn’t imagine being an hour away from them – not for their sake but for mine.

I was scheduled to have hip surgery the following Thursday. In trying to get ready for that, I’d planned several pesky appointments. I needed a hair cut and color, manicure, crown, flu shot, pneumonia vaccination and my toes were hurting me now that they were housed in shoes instead of flip flops. It struck me that might be a problem for the upcoming surgery, but the doc and I decided it would be okay. After the procedure, I looked at my three sore, bloody toes, and realized I might’ve made a big mistake. Worry reared its ugly head, but I ignored it as best I could.

I went to my pre-op appointment and a class on joint replacement at the hospital. I sat up straight when the nurse said “No pedicures before the operation.”

Pedicures are a problem? Seriously? After class I hustled to my surgeon’s office in the attached medical building. He wasn’t available, but they put me in touch with his nurse, who scheduled an appointment for me to see the doctor’s PA two days later. He looked at my toes and shook his head. Long story short, odds were I could make it through surgery okay, but there was an increased possibility of infection and the resulting consequences were major.  Infections with metal joints are hard to manage. Chances are the joint would have to be removed, the infection resolved and another replacement performed. This wasn’t a tough decision for me. The surgery is postponed. I hope the doctor can fit me in his schedule soon after my toes are fully healed. No plan yet.

Now for the upside. I came to my senses and realized that I was going down for the third time. I canceled my weekend plans, and felt blessed with some calmness. The conference director voiced her concern and kindly and generously refunded my fee.

Oddly, I’m not upset about waiting for surgery. My mother-in-law, though still  frailer than before, is  better. I had a nice visit with her yesterday and expect to have another when I see her next. Doug felt terrible. I’m glad I didn’t have to leave him early that morning. The Royals’ game was stupendous.

Not much in my life has gone as planned lately, but it’s working out. I still think planning is good, but it’s no longer the dictator of my days. I’m learning this moment-by-moment stuff and surrendering my worry a bit. Backing off from rigid planning and control frees me up to better look for Blessings on the Journey.